Fields of expertise

Aware that the reality of each company is different we adapt to their needs, developing and consulting services to the extent that they require.

Shipping and transport law

  • Maritime, air and land transport and related contracts.
  • Maritime and commercial arbitration.
  • Recovery actions in cargo claims
  • Ship arrests of offending and sister ships


  • Multilateral, regional or bilateral trade agreements.
  • National laws and regulations.
  • Global trade regulation.

Litigation and complex arbitrations in contract, maritime, insurance law and international trade, both domestic and abroad.

Tax Law

We have professionals who advise to comply and solution to all tax situations, focused on shipping and international trade.

Customs Law

Focused on exporters, importers and shipping companies.

Insurance law

  • Insurance and reinsurance law focused on Transport, Credit, Civil Libility, Loss of Earnings, Hull & Machinery.
  • Due diligence process.
  • Arbitration and litigation on insurance.
  • Administrative proceedings before administrative authorities

Corporate law

Establishing companies and all the necessary to do business in Chile