About us

Durán & Co. is a law firm specialized in integral advice and support to its clients in the whole process of production, marketing and export of their goods, focused on shipping, insurance and international trade.


We are a team of lawyers who have vast experience in our areas of expertise. We have studied in the most prestigious Chilean universities and have studies LLMs on most well named international universities.

We deeply know the legal market of perishable products both in Chile and abroad. All this allows us to provide our clients the best solutions quickly and efficiently, considering the business and each specific market.

Mission & Vission

Key to our approach is our familiarity with our clients’ markets and the commercial implications of the legal issues. Our sector focus means that we have a deep-rooted understanding of the business and technical aspects of a matter, which we bring to bear in our advice.

Our vission in DURÁN & CO we deliver an excellent service to our clients, developing relationships of trust and commitment to each of them and we are work to be the best in the business of maritime law and insurance law, aspiring to become industry leaders in these areas of practice.